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Secret Train Your Dragon 3: The Land of Mist ( How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World ) is the last part in the series about the Vikings and the dragons life seemed grim but lovely in fact all spontaneous. Surely you will not be able to miss the next adventure of the Hiccup of the Berk tribe and the toothless dragon Toothless.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

The first two parts in the series "teach dragon" are critically acclaimed and critically acclaimed by the audience, besides the success of the professional element The secret of training dragon also won resoundingly in theaters with the revenue of up to children. billion dollars. Part 3 will also follow the success of the previous two parts, currently the score on Metacritic is 72, IMDB is 8.1.

Movie content Secret Dragon Training 3: The mysterious land (2019)

How to Train Your Dragon 3

As we know from the early episodes, the two protagonists, one person and one dragon, have broken the Vikings' prejudices against dragons, A peaceful, happy life between humans and dragons seems to be impossible. Thought multi-reality.

Together through many challenges, Hiccup and Tooth Sún together find the meaning of life: Hiccup became the patriarch of the village and Tooth Sún is the dragon headed the species.

Everything calmed down, and one day, when the couple went into a forest one day, they found another interesting thing: a white dragon (looking like an albino) full of charm. as beautiful as Sún's Tooth, and the dragon seemed to have been crushed.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

The two boys are like a contrast to each other, standing side by side like two complete halves of darkness and light. Sún encountered the love of lightning suddenly became extremely excited and ready to "listen to" to be able to be with this red-faced girl.

But in the process of paying attention, he became a farce, not a killer dragon anymore.

Continue a new journey for the characters

Although Hiccup has become the village leader, the title is bigger than any other character, even though he has truly become himself, in one way or another, he is still a weak and compassionate boy for the people and their dragons. Hiccup still looks to his friends, especially his girlfriend Astrid (America Ferrara), for help and inspiration when times are difficult or his confidence is wavered. Astrid remains one of the most influential and influential supporting characters in the film, leading her almost second in the village.


A new dangerous threat to the Berk tribe is the terrifying character Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham). Grimmel is a villain that will bring us this emotion. Grimmel will create a special battle against Toothless, a man full of cunning and calculation, always ahead of the "heroes".

How to Train Your Dragon 3

He aims to be the villagers of Berk, especially Hiccup and Toothless. does not simply want to show off its inherent strength; he wanted to destroy all the dragons and create a great pain point of hatred strong enough, it seems he himself had a deep feud with dragons in particular.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

To achieve this, he uses the white Night Fury dragon - Light Fury - as a bait to try to take down Toothless. Fortunately, the Light Fury reappears extremely lovely. The very way the dragons connect with each other, is the highlight of this film and how they bring good things even in the difficulties that occur in Dragon Training Recipe 3: The mysterious land

The design and production of the "dragon world" is sophisticated and unprecedented on the big screen

How to Train Your Dragon 3

How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2 are always appreciated by the audience through the help of modern technology, with visual effects, especially virtual drag racing scenes.

Without waiting for the weary expectations, the mysterious part 3 promises to bring more fantasy scenes because DreamWorks has invested heavily in the skill when only one frame needed 100,000 digital files. .

Besides, Dragon training tips 3: The mysterious land is made with MoonRay light technology, the most modern technology on the market at this time to recreate a magical shimmering land that is exactly like a fantasy film. .

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Graphic design is also very interested by the production team. How to Train Your Dragon 3: A mysterious land with a brilliant background of dragons. DreamWorks' image director of the painters spent a lot of time creating each dragon.

Each beat of the dragon wings are also elaborate painters and must draw from 150 to 200 motion to create the most vivid footage.

Deep, emotional soundtrack with soothing tunes

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Powell Composer and musician excellent team leading by carefully selected he has created, but the melody is wonderful How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Land of Mist . It is true that the soundtrack is still appreciated and sometimes accounts for 40% and 50% of the film because it conveys emotions much more effectively than acting. Soundtracks are easy to listen to and have harmony with movie scenes.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

How to Train Your Dragon 3: A mysterious land for audiences to immerse themselves in a colorful fantasy world and non-grandiose scenes of the Nordic islands, a completely different world with an epic battle. coated.

However, it should not be too expected in the script because it has not made many breakthroughs, of course this is simply a movie to watch to feel happy and comfortable, right. It is not known whether hdonline will immediately find out whether the Cam movie has vietsub or not? But you should still go to the big screen.

A masterpiece not to be missed especially for the children when they passed the old year. Let's go with Hiccup and Toothless to travel on the journey in the dragon kingdom again!

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